How it’s work

Step 0- Environment Adjustment

Alarm State - 0%
Sensirion Gas Sensors SGP
Air Quality

Weather can make it harder to detect movement -that’s why we use 4  sensors for continuous sensitivity adjustment.

  • Light intensity sensor
  • Air quality sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Temperature sensor
Temperature Sensor TMP36
sensirion humidity sensors sht7x f2550

Step 1- Camera Sense

Alarm State 50%
Fish Eve Camera

Camera uses Object Recognition. Camera know’s you border line and sees, that something is inside of green zone! Maybe it’s dog? May be human? Camera uses pre-defined templates and patterns to separate alarm source from noise 

Step 2- Sensor Sense

Alarm State 75%
PIR Sensor

If camera sense some movement, and “think” that’s it could be a problem- it’s “asks” MW/PIR sensor for verification. According to data, reserved from environment sensors it’s automatically adjust sensors for better recognition. If sensor confirm movement, and direction is incoming- then alarm will be triggered

arrow ARP050 RFbeam
Microwave Sesnor

Step 3- Alarm​

Alarm State 100%

Alarm on! Did we mention, that’s our sensor does not require any special alarm control panel? Yes, you can just replace existing outdoor sensor’e for new 3Sense! You don’t need any special wiring, or any additional board’s

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