98% of perimeter alarm system activation is false

Modern intruder detection systems not updated since the 20th century

Protecting their borders is one of the oldest needs of humanity, along with other basic instincts. But, in our time, security is most often designed for electronic security systems. From side view, of course it seems that everything looks and works great , however, 98% of all alarm activation is false. This is not a some unexpected, it’s predictable! All security professionals knows’ that’s if weather became slowly it will cause lot of false alarms.

For nowadays, one of the best solution is remote monitoring, witch includes multiply sensor and video feed analyze by human operator. In most cases, one operator serves from 1 to 100 object’s at same time, witch, can case some problem. Plus, this solution does not reduce false rate alarm, this just gives possibility to confirm, was the alarm source true or false

Home owners have many options to choose- install 3 kind of sensor at border, use some VsaaS solution (in additional), and, they still will pay to false alarm patrol service arrival ( it’s common practice). We offer them to cut mounts bills, and trust me, Security guard company’s will not be glad 

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Perimeter Security Market
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So  you have to trust company, were one operator watch over  100 cameras, plus pay for false alarms activation, and  be depended to some data-network provider. But do you have an alternative?  

We worked for security and we know what this market need – renovated alarm sensor witch can work in any envelopment and detect false alarm situation

First Sense – Infrared

Three passive Infrared sensors is placed at bottom of device. Each of them cover 60°, witch gives us overall 180 º field of view. Special designed Fresnel Lens gives us  20-25 m of distance view. Multi-part  PIR gives us two unbeatable advantage – Reliability and Segmentation.

Second Sense-Microwave

IR sensors are good, until someone is not cover himself even with glass shield. To be sure in your security we  use two segmented,  long-range Microwave  Sensor. With the same total range and angle, we can be sure that’t nothing will be covered under snow, rain or any other natural and mechanical obstruction

3D secure sensor

Third Sense – Camera

We are first who uses camera as one more way to detect intruder, and not to provide post-incident report and video feed to recording facility. Camera is covering same angle and same distance as previews sensor, and used for

  • Envelopment Detection (For, Rain, e.t.c)
  • Object Classification (Car, human, pets)
  • Noice Recognition (Sun reflection, leafing tree, water pool e.t.c)
  • Motion Direction Detection (possible intruder move TO or just pass


RealTime OS with dual-core CPU with NO INTERNET CONNECTION provides unique  “3Sense” algorithm and by using AI and pattern analyses core engine provides ultra-fast alarm state recognition. Only our system completely substitute human operation in perimeter detection. 

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